Georg Senoner

Business consultant and coach; specialized in organisation development and strategy development.
Integrates system constellations in his consulting and training activity.
Teaches systemic constellations at several training institutes worldwide.
Graduated in Economics and Business Administration at Universitá Bocconi Milano.
He has 20 years of experience as entrepreneur and CEO of a medium-size industrial corporation.

With Claude Rosselet and Henriette Katharina Lingg he has developed the approach of Management Constellations – an adaptation of constellationwork to support change processes in organizations. Together they published a book on this subject translated in five languages. (English: Enacting Solutions, Spanish: Management inteligente, German: Management Macht Sinn, Italian: Strutture del Successo, Russian)
With Henriette Katharina Lingg and Georg Gombos he has developed BABYLON Language Coaching - a method based on constellationwork to improve the capability to learn foreign languages and overcome blockades.