These guidelines are a work in progress based on

  • the teachings and ideas of several masters and practitioners,
  • our experience as entrepreneurs, consultants, coaches and trainers,

readings of different literature

We cannot trace back every concept to its original author. In the Appendix, we will list the sources as accurately as possible.

Most of the assumptions and conclusions are based on acknowledged theories; some are working hypothesis of the authors.

Each metaphor presented in these guidelines can only explain a limited range of aspects of the approach; therefore we use various metaphors that are not all completely congruent.

The guidelines are intended for coaches and consultants working in business and organizational context who want to use systemic constellations as integrating them with other approaches; therefore we deliberately avoid any reference to spiritual aspects of constellation work that might well be appropriate in other contexts.

Some of the guidelines may not be applicable to family constellations or organization constellations in the classical seminar setting.

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