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Are you looking for a method that opens up new perspectives for your profession as consultant or manager?

Do you know the method of systemic constellations and want to integrate it into work with organizations?

What are the benefits of this method?
-        An accurate representation of the essential aspects and interdependencies of a problematic situation
-        The simulation of alternative solutions
-        The possibility to visualize intuitions and to share them with other people
-        A way to generate valuable information for important decisions

What you will learn in the training?
-        Techniques that enable you to apply the method in organizations directly with the stakeholders
-        How to combine Systemic Constellations with other methods and integrated them into development processes
-        Various forms of Systemic Constellations you can use in different contexts and for specific topics

What is in it for you?
-        You gain much faster a comprehensive understanding of a situation
-        You and your clients will grasp the potential solutions not only intellectually, but will also be able to see and experience them emotionally
-        You will lead your clients directly to the turning point and increase the likelihood that the developed solution will be implemented

What are the contents of the training?
-        Methods - Theories - Techniques
-        Fields of application, effects and benefits
-        Attitude and beliefs of the consultant
-        Consulting context, corporate culture and routines of the client systems

What is the Structure of training and who are the trainers?
-        Three integrated modules of 3 days each 
-        lead by different trainers with different professional experience and working style: 
        Georg Senoner (I), Claude Rosselet (CH), Christine Blumenstein-Essen (A) – (about 60 hours)
-        Peer groups (about 18 hours)
-        Supervision (about 18 hours)
-        Manual (English, French or Spanish) and Handouts



The program

In this training, the participants will practice various applications of “Management Constellations” i.e. systemic constellation work in organizational contexts. On the one hand, they will learn how systemic constellations can lead to creative problem-solving in coaching, supervision and in workshops with management-teams or large groups. On the other hand, participants will have the opportunity to work on their own specific issues using this method. The training is structured in three modules.

Management constellations have evolved in recent years to an independent intervention practice. It combines constellation work with methods of "learning organization", as well as with other systemic approaches. In situations where too little or too much conflicting information is available, it offers access to the tacit, implicit knowledge. This helps to solve problems and initiate the first steps towards a successful emerging future.

The objective of the training is assisting the participants to build a bridge between his or her consolidated tools and theoretical background and the language and methodology of systemic constellations so that they can integrate it in their interventions.

This will be achieved by exploring and developing a solid personal framework consisting of the following four perspectives on the consulting system and process.



1. Methodology – Theory – Techniques

-     The phases of the constellation process: clarifying the question, choice of a congruent model, scenic work and development of alternative solutions, sense-making and planning of concrete measures
-     Levels of focus: intrapersonal dynamics, interfunctional and team dynamics, organizational dynamics
-     Settings: individual coaching, working with management teams, open seminars
-     Intervention techniques
-     Basic knowledge in System Theory
-     Appropriate Methods of Learning Organization and Systemic Management, Theory U
-     Systemic constellation work as co-creative process of sense making

2. Areas of application and effects

-     Potential and limits of systemic constellation work in management contexts
-     Access the collective implicit knowledge of a team
-     Simulate alternative decisions and actions
-     Leadership development
-     Supervision
-     Conflict management and mediation
-     Change management
-     Strategy development

3. Mindset – attidude – beliefs of the facilitator

-     Underlying beliefs, ideologies and moral judgements
-     The concept of neutrality
-     Expectations and promises about the effects of systemic constellations
-     Integration with favourite approaches

4. Context – cultural background – procedures of the client system: How do I observe and interpret the client’s cultural background in order to adapt my intervention?

-     Cultural fit with the client system
-     Influence of the leader in the client system on the process of the deployment and interpretation of a systemic constellation
-     Scope of the assignment and the systemic constellation process
-     Conflicting interests and objectives within the client system
-     Reaction of the team to the constellation and its interpretation


Didactic approach

These aspects will be addressed during the training analysing concrete cases brought by the participants. The participants will also invite external clients in order to practice the approach in a “real life” context.

The training is structured in three modules led by three different Consultants, bringing in different styles and professional backgrounds.

The seminars will be integrated by peer-group meetings and supervision sessions organized by the local training institute.

The training will cover the use of constellations in various environments:

-     Private and public companies of various dimensions
-     Non-profit organizations
-     Social and educational institutions
-     Governmental organizations
-     Coaching for entrepreneurs and managers
-     Political organizations 

In each of the modules, various settings will be contemplated:

-     Individual coaching and counseling
-     Team coaching
-     Supervision
-     Management consulting
-     Training
-     Management

The books published by the authors and specific handouts will be provided as learning material.



The training is designed for persons who need specific communication skills in their profession. The training is not focussing on therapeutic issues.

Prerequisites for participation are:

  1. Professional experience as coach, supervisor, mediator, consultant, trainer, teacher, social worker, manager, lawyer, politician etc.
  2. Basic knowledge in systemic constellations (either family constellations, organisational constellations, management constellations or systemic structural constellations)
  3. Basic comprehension in System Theory.



Christine Blumenstein-Essen

Dipl. Social worker, born 1956. 1978-1985 Associate in a community-based social psychiatric facility in Graz (counseling center for psychological and social issues). Since 1985 Psychotherapist (SF, IG), consultant, supervisor and coach in private practice. Teaching therapist for systemic family therapy (ÖAGG). Work with Systemic Constellations since 1987. Co-founder of APSYS - Institute for Systemic Practice. Research areas: education and training in systemic therapy & counseling and dialogical-systemic constellation work (DsA). Consultant for case management in larger helper systems. Consultant for family business for the interaction between family and company. Co-editor of "Verkörperungen" - Systemic Constellations, body work and ritual. G. L. Baxa / C Dining / A. H. Kreszmeier. Heidelberg 2002 Carl Auer.

Claude Rosselet

lic. oec. HSG, born 1952 in Zurich. Founder of Inscena Systemische Beratung GmbH in Uerikon (Switzerland). Several years of experience as manager in leading Swiss corporations: Since 1994 consultant for executives, project teams and boards of directors; facilitator for innovation and change processes; lecturer at various universities and institutions; author of several publications; member of the editorial staff of the magazine „Praxis der Systemaufstellung“; co-founder and former member of the board of the International Forum of System Constellations in Organizations (infosyon) e.V


Georg Senoner

MBA, born in 1953. 20 years of experience as entrepreneur and CEO of an internationally operating industrial enterprise. Training in NLP, systemic consulting with Peter Müller-Eglow and Fritz Simon, systemic constellations among others with Gunthard Weber, Matthias Varga von Kibéd. Since 1998 management consultant specializing in organizational development and business coach. Trainer in systemic constellations at the Institute Sistema Counseling in Milano. Co-author with Claude Rosselet and Henriette Lingg of "Management Constellations" and "Enacting Solutions." Consistently integrates system constellations in consultation processes in organizations, among other mergers, generational change, reorganization, team development, strategy development, conflict management.



Inscena - Systemische Beratung GmbH
Claude Rosselet
Alte Landstrasse 53
CH-8713 Uerikon

Tel.: 0041 44 920 60 10


APSYS – Institut für Systemische PraxisChristine Blumenstein-Essen
Leonhardstraße 91/I
A-8010 Graz

Tel.:+43 (0) 316 / 32 52 9-1


SysMaCon – Systemic management consulting - Georg Senoner
Leonardo da Vinci Straße 4
I-39100 Bozen

Tel.: +39 335 355797



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